A brilliant way to store and use your eggs

The Egg Skelter is made of powder-coated steel and will hold up to 24 hens’ eggs. We have made a bantam version, with help from a lovely bantam owner who gave me some eggs to roll to get the size right!

... The Egg Skelter
Available in 11 colours!!*
*Egg Skelter 24 only
Available in sizes 12 and 24
Egg Skelter 12
Hen / Duck
Egg Skelter 24
Hen / Duck
Bantam / POL
“...in order according to when the chickens laid them which is extremely helpful...”
“...met all eggspectations, a quality and countertop attraction...”
“...Tidy, orderly and time saving, as was always scrabbling around for boxes...”
“...my egg skelter has pride of place on my work top and is quite a talking point in my kitchen...”
“...stylish and well-made and it doesn’t take up to much room...”
“...bought this as a Christmas present for friend with rhode island chickens and their large eggs...”
“...I would definitely get another one...”
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Some of our customer reviews

The egg storer is excellent. Eggs can be used in rotation. I AM VERY PLEASED WITH IT

I love this so much. It looks vintage which goes well in my kitchen and there’s never any question which eggs should be eaten first

I’d been considering buying one of these for a while, as I always seem to have an untidy stack of egg boxes sitting on the work top in my utility room. I can endorse all the good things already said about this product and can add that it is useful that I can now see at a glance how many eggs I have left before I go shopping

If the shipping gets refused, please email Kay Bromhead using hello@eggskelter.co.uk for assistance.

We have now added a new addition to the brand, which we call Fruit Skelter, a great way to display your fruit and keep those bananas from rubbing up against your green apples… no more bruising and fresher fruit!!